• Mainak

    The trip starts now 🙂

    • 54uv1k

      Technically it has started; although in spirit, what you are saying is correct.

  • Sanhita Das

    Delhi station is unusually clean. Even I was surprised during my trip
    I love this feeling of exhilaration on the first day of any trip

    • 54uv1k

      Not only Delhi, but also Pathankot. The stations are better maintained.

  • Ravish

    Keep going!! We are waiting to see the pictures of greener pastures turning white with snow.

    • 54uv1k

      Right fom Pathankot the landscape changes. I am not sure how far into snow I will venture.

      • Sanhita Das

        Not surprising..no wonder it is the peak season

  • Rueben Dinakar

    I am curious to know about the journey from your house to the airport as well a review of the dinner and the shady restaurant 🙂

    Any tips for a first time traveller to Delhi.

    • 54uv1k

      I took a bus to Hebbal and then took a KSTDC taxi from there. I had ample time so there was no need to pay 2.8x to Uber.

      Regarding the shady restaurant, it is an okay place to have roti/chapati and some standard veg. items. It’s nothing out of ordinary. I paid 42 rupees for 2 tandoori rotis and a plate of Aloo Gobi.

      My friend mentioned that Metro is the best way to roam around. You can also avail Radio Taxi. Quickcabs and Fast Track were the two most visible on road.