• Barun C

    Close ended websites like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal, Jabong, Myntra and the whatnots do not have easy direct communication channels with sellers.

    eBay India and International does not have this problem. I personally have got refund on several cases via eBay when a product is not delivered within the time guaranteed by the seller, subject to the fact evidences are put forth by both buyer and seller. In you case, this seems like a one way street, where the customer has to prove everything and still be harassed.

    eBay (International),also provides for payment gateway via PayPal, which also takes care of claim in case of non receipt, damage, or receipt of something different compared to the advert given for the product sold. Regardless of vendor, there should be an arbitrator like PayPal taking care of these issues to protect the right of both buyers and sellers.

    • 54uv1k

      You are right. I think even AliExpress has better grievance redressal mechanism than Amazon. I have learned that I should not trust Amazon’s A-to-Z system. I should also not pay upfront for a non-Amazon-fulfilled order.

      I have kind of given up on the money. More than the loss of money, I have lost faith in Amazon’s system.