• Ravish

    This is the part of the trip when you wish that you had settled down there. Excellent catalogue though! Keep it up.

    • 54uv1k

      Part of the deal of backpacking is to make friends quickly and yet not form any close bonds. Life is really hard up in the hills. Settlements like those in Mandi and Shimla are exceptions since there is good connectivity to plains. However, the places that will take your breath away are really remote.

      I have updated my travelogue page with links to the entire trip. http://sauvikbiswas.com/travelogue/

  • Firoze

    Good trip. If u plan a short trip say 4-5 days .. let me know. And btw, karim’s biryani tastes actually bad. For biryani i would suggest a place in chennai. Its called Dindigul Thalappakatty. Loved the taste, although its not as colourful as its north indian counterparts. One of its branch should be in bangalore too. Do check.

  • gowrisankar1989

    I just read all your trip details. I miss India very much, you can’t travel in USA as easy as you can in India. I did few trips here, but nothing’s more satisfactory than traveling solo on your own. Hoping you have more solo trips. We ll meet again on the road my friend! – Gowri sankar

    • 54uv1k

      I thought you would get so much opportunity in a foreign land. Nevertheless, keep trying for those elusive windows of opportunities where you can slip into your traveler self.

      We shall meet again on the road.