• Sanhita Das

    Good old Manali, I liked the Hidimba temple because of its ambience.. Hidden in the pine forest.. With horns of dead animals.. Did you see ghatotkach’s shrine beneath a tree. Do they still keep those Angora rabbits with whom you can click pics..
    description of baboons sound hilarious

    • 54uv1k

      It was too dark to make anything of that temple. There was no power.
      They still have those rabbits. Some people clicked photographs with them.

      The baboons were not interested in clicking pictures with harmless rabbits. They wanted to ski at a place where ‘chances of survival was only 10%’. I would say that would be on a flat piece of land with fresh snow on it. They could barely stand or make sense.

      • Sanhita Das

        I can picturise that.. and it seems like a comic scene

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