• Sanhita Das

    This looks like a nice place. just a small suggestion – get a better camera
    Seems like the area is full of temples. If the history is interesting, please add that to the description. I feel these areas will have something to do with Mahabharat. Same goes for these Buddhist monasteries. Like Bylakuppe in Karnataka, is Dharamshala an ancient Buddhist settlement?

    • 54uv1k

      I agree with the better camera part of your comment. I don’t want to carry a DSLR as the added weight will be a burden. A large sensor compact / mirrorless would set me back by 50-60k.

      Regarding the historical part of the places, I leave them to my reader to find out because most of it is available on the net. Sometimes I even link things to Wikipedia. That is more like a personal choice. There are travel bloggers who focus on that aspect.

      Dharamshala houses the Tibetan government in exile. It’s Buddhist population is mostly comprised of refugees from Tibet.

  • Firoze

    U mentioned Vinay so many times.. I think you are impressed by that fellow! 😛 And yes.. camera factor i would also suggest .. Or slightly post process them! The places are really awesome. Great to have a virtual tour through your blog. And thumbs up for having the guts to travel solo!

    • 54uv1k

      Vinay accompanied me that day. I am not impressed or anything. It’s just that befriending people helps.

      I agree with the better camera thing. As I have written in the other reply, a large sensor compact / mirrorless would set me back by 50-60k. Even post processing images will not save them 🙁