Can I steal this happiness?

(You) gave me these pills and then drugs, sex and bliss.
Water streamed, money flowed drained out like piss.
Ecstasy kicked in and I felt so scarred.
Gazed on two lovers walking the boulevard—
(They) looked at each other for stealing a kiss.
Can I steal this happiness?

(I) made myself guest for those you have called friends.
Swallowed their drinks, to their wills I have bent.
Offered a handshake, my eyes shot a glance
Under the street-light where two children danced—
Stomping on puddles to steal some more stains.
Can I steal this happiness?

(I) flew to the beaches, on shores I found spread
Clam shells and fragments of molluscs long dead.
Like all the bones I have stolen before—
(And) waited for waves that could clean off your shores.
(An) ageing man walks on and steals one more breath.
Can I steal this happiness?

(I) ran from my city, my house and my goods
(To) footpath that winds on and drifts into woods.
Counting these trunks that had hindered my view
(Re)minds me of all those I’ve silenced for you.
(A) blackbird steals silence from depth of those woods.
Can I steal this happiness?

(I) climbed over rocks and scaled boulders below
(To) catch those peaks basking in dawn’s alpenglow.
Just like I’ve stepped on those vanquished for you
(For) want of money and acknowledgement too.
(The) peaks stole the sunlight to light up the snow.
Can I steal this happiness?

Notes: I wrote these words for one of my band’s tracks. It was never made. There are a lot of bracketed words that are supposed to be just glanced over or passed on for the next stressed syllable. The subject matter is something that I keep returning back to—if the modern society and our ways are conducive of real happiness. —S.B. (28.08.2018)