Have they abandoned this parking lot?
We’ll borrow roller-platforms from those limbless beggars.
We’ll skateboard; ride and roll up the concrete
While they are too busy patting their sorrows to sleep.
Let’s choose a downhill from those we already have,
Discover trenches deeper than those we already found.
Let’s roll up against gravity and hope of escape velocity
And enjoy our time in the air.
We’ll let the sparks from the bearings light up the rain.

Have they abandoned these bent pipes?
We’ll grip them to shatter a couple of glasses.
We’ll play golf; hit stones to dissolve them in water.
Maybe we’ll invent a brand new game—
Mine is a golf club and yours a hockey stick.
We’ll make the rules as we play; pretend we’re on TV.
Let a stone fly against gravity to pierce the clouds
And create a hole in one.
We’ll let the sparks from its passage light up the rain.

Have they abandoned these train tracks?
We’ll press ears against the rails to figure that out.
We’ll play hopscotch—jump between the sleepers.
Maybe it’s an infinite ladder lying on the ground
To erect against the walls of this infinite trench.
Hit the rails with bent pipes—let the thunder propagate.
Let’s steal some coins from those limbless beggars
And arrange them on the rails.
We’ll let the sparks from their flattening light up the rain.

Note: I came across the phrase "The Kids that Rain Lightning" while browsing Buckethead Pikes website. It's also one of his uplifting tracks. The rearranged phrase "kids who light up the rain" gives a completely different feel—impoverished, abandoned, angry kids who would do anything to escape their reality. Incidentally, I kept listening to Buckethead's "Whispers Way" while revising the drafts of this poem. —S.B. (29.10.2020)