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Sitting is the new smoking

About two or three weeks ago, I started having pain in my lower back. It did not restrict any of my movements but prolonged sitting caused fatigue and pain.

A visit to a physiotherapist confirmed that it was indeed caused by muscle stress. My poor sitting posture coupled with my tight hamstrings [1] were the culprit. The diagnosis sheet also read “core muscle weakness”. The doctor administered ultrasound and interferential therapy on my back for five days.

I was given some exercises that stretches the lower back and glutes. The exercises are pretty simple. I can barely feel anything while doing them. It’s usually after an hour or so that I can feel some pain and discomfort. The doctor had warned me about this. She had mentioned that it was merely like the exercise induced pain one gets after a heavy workout. It should not deter me from performing regular movements.

Here are the things I have learned and / or was instructed to do.

  1. Sitting is the new smoking [2]. Don’t sit for more than 15 mins at a stretch.
  2. While sitting gluteus and lumbar support is a must.
  3. Don’t slouch. If you find yourself involuntarily slouching, it is a sign of weak core muscles.

I have started doing regular stretches and have also bought an office chair to write and watch anime! (How ironic!) I plan to migrate to a standing workspace in a few months time.

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