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Small expenses add up

I had made a conscious decision to not put anything too big on my credit card this month. It was not that I wanted to be stingy. This was merely an exercise in keeping my expense on my card low for a relatively larger purchase at the end.

Now that my billing¬†cycle has come to an end, I realised that barring the larger expense, I still had about 10k of credit. On a closer look into the statement, I found that there were multiple number of entries that never went past 200 rupees. Two of them were near 500s and that’s it.

This is in a way alarming. It is very easy to forget smaller expenses and how they can pile up in the end. If it was any other month, I wouldn’t have even noticed and would have paid off the debt without even giving it a second thought.

Curiously enough, I ran through the last three statements as well. Most of the entries were not significant per say. There were 2 to 3 big expenditures which were of the order of 3k to 4k and the rest were mostly in their 200s and 500s.

Maybe, I am not paying attention to my expenses enough.

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