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TIL: Few things about cycling and nutrition

a) It is not a good idea to cycle (or do exercises) on an absolutely empty stomach. I had acid reflux. Next time I will eat a small amount before starting off. This could be something that applies to my body only. Many sources say that it is fine to do cardio on an empty stomach.

b) In the event of an acid reflux, it is best to ingest cold fluids. It temporarily soothes the food pipe.

c) RiteBite Sugarless tastes better than the overly sweet RiteBite regular nutrition bars. Snickers is also a viable option.

d) My hands were repeatedly going numb due to pressure. It is called cyclist’s palsy [1]. This was more intense¬†after the 3 hour mark. Gloves are a potential solution to this problem.

I have improved marginally in a few departments – especially, regular intake of water and food. I have not even gotten closer to the art of pacing.

The view from Kolar (Narasapura CCD) [2]

The view from Kolar (Narasapura CCD)

People who deliberately don't listen [3]
36% likely that Sherlock said, "Elementary, my dear Watson"! [4]