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Bunny Hop and a rip in the fabric of spacetime… or just the fabric

I recently learned how to do a bunny hop [1] on a borrowed GT hybrid (GT traffic 2.0). It’s a hardtail and the leap isn’t that great. But still it’s an exciting thing for me. While the fellow motorcyclists and the car drivers slow down at a bumper, I can increase my speed and get airborne and still maintain that speed after touching down.

A roadside canine mistook me for the bunny in bunny hop and tried grabbing my leg between his teeth while I was airborne. He came out of nowhere and attacked me. Thankfully, I was faster than his jaws and got away. Still he was able to grab my jeans and ripped it with his teeth.

2015-06-13 20.34.20-2 [2]

Canine teeth ripped my jeans.

After that incident, the freehub on the cycle has been behaving strangely. I am quite sure it’s unrelated to the incident. At times, the freehub gets locked to the wheels even in the other direction. Maybe I have been abusing it. I should take it to my local bike shop and get it inspected.

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