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Time travel through some music videos I liked

Since YouTube had kept a tab of all the videos I have liked, I decided to revisit some of the music videos that I had given a thumbs up.

GreatJobZwei (real name unknown) – Integral Birth (Cynic Cover) with acoustic guitar and banjo
One of the oldest videos I liked was a weird arrangement of a Cynic song. I think Masvidal would himself give a triple thumbs up. To understand what they had done, you might be interested in the original [1].

Erico Marcelo – Return to the Alamo (The Shadows cover)
This guy serves a reminder to what a plain old electric guitar, plugged into a good amp, can do. Also, a lot of guys, who have commented in the video, are Indians. This is because this song was the source of a very famous Hindi song of 1988 [2].

The Reign of Kindo – Nightingale (Live Studio session)
Their drummer, Steve Padin, is one of the most interesting drummers I have heard. He uses a lot of syncopation but it never feels out of context. The song is quite complex from a melodic standpoint, too.

Lindsey Stirling – Shadows
Beautiful electronica music (and some great violin work), beautiful dancing and a very innovative video.

Aaron O’Keefe’s students – Cosmic Love (Florence + Machine cover)
This video is often overlooked. The same singer (Kala Scarpinski) of the now famous 46 & 2 Tool cover [3] sings her heart out. The kid who plays the chimes steals the show.

Sam Westphalen – Lateralus (Tool Cover)
And the best Tool cover on YouTube goes to this guy. He slams the strings and the guitar body. He plays the rhythm and the melody himself… and manages to pull off the very complex of polyrhythms in the song.

Anathema – The Beginning and the End
This song is an absolute gem. They have an amazing live rendition of this song in their Universal concert film. However, this video uses footage from a film called Timescapes and elevates the music. Coincidentally, the original music composer of Timescapes is Nigel Stanford [4], who, in my opinion, is a great modern electronica artist.

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