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Attack on Titan Dubbed Opening.

Attack on Titan is now airing on Cartoon Network Adult Swim in US. As a result, the series has been dubbed. I must admit that this dub is very much above average (considering the poor quality rushed dub of most series). I agree that dubs are important. They are windows to many prospective anime fans. I would be more than happy if some kid starts watching good dubbed anime than whatever junk is being produced in the western world these days.

However, I hated the strange remash instrumental of Guren no Yumiya as the opening. The original featured a cut of Linked Horizon’s awesome classical and metal influenced song. For those who are watching the series in dub, here is the opening.

The complete song is also pretty awesome. Listen to it here [1].

A small P.S. One of the few dubbed openings that I loved was the 4Kids version of One Piece [2]. The original opening “We Are” [3] is also a good song.

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